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3-D Advanced Motion Measurement

Our new 3-D state-of-the-art motion analysis system gives us the same data used at the Titleist Performance Institute. We derive specific information on x factor stretch, structural changes (forward and back, up and down, and side to side) as well as, rotational speeds and Kinematic sequence. With this data we can identify specific weaknesses and power leaks. This allows us to provide you with a program and understanding that will elevate your golf games to new heights!

3-D Advanced Swing Analysis (1 hr) $150.00
3-D Advanced Swing Analysis (2 hr) with Golf Specific Screen $250.00
3-D Advanced Motion Measurement Golfer Swing

Golf Performance Training Program

Training Philosophy

The golf swing is a highly complex series of movements requiring precision, coordination, and balance. While you work on your technique and swing style with your instructor, it is important to measure and assess your body’s ability to consistently perform the desired movement patterns. Wendy Ferrara will help you to identify your weak links and build a program to create an efficient swing and better game!

Compliment your lessons and replace poor swing habits with new, correct motions with our qualified staff of teaching professionals and our Golf Performance Training specialist, Wendy Ferrara.

One-on-one evaluation and custom programs are available with the Golf Performance Training for all ages, and all levels of play.

Golf Specific Evaluation      (90 minutes)      $175.00

Our initial session with you will include a video-analysis of your swing to observe movement patterns, posture, and technique goals. A comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment will then measure range of motion, flexibility, and functional muscle strength as it relates to your golf swing. This evaluation is performed by a licensed physical therapist and/or a certified Titleist Performance Specialist. Whether you are returning to the game following an injury, or are simply working to enhance your swing strength, this is a great way to start your program. Upon completion of this session, we will include a written report for you and your teacher, and a program will be initiated to address your limitations and meet your performance goals.

One-Hour Corrective Exercise Session      $125.00

An individual, hands-on session with your Golf Training Specialist Wendy Ferrara to remodel your swing:

  • Functional movement exercise
  • Golf Specific and balance training
  • Resistance and balance training
  • Neuromuscular Education/Ball Striking Time

Therapeutic Mobilization Session      (30 min)      $65.00

A one-on-one, hands-on session with our staff physical therapist to restore proper tension in golf muscles. Soft tissue and joint mobilization fundamentals are applied to improve proprioception and muscle balance.

Glenz Pre-Round Warm-Up Routine      (60 min)      $125.00

What do I do before I play or compete? An excellent introductory session to learn golf-specific stretches on routines before you play, as well as proper practice-routines to mentally prepare you for your round. Routines are customized to your handicap or skill level, and are developed by Wendy Ferrara.

Prepare with thought, play with quietness!

5 Week Program (5 1hr sessions) $560

For Appointments: Please call 973-219-8928