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  What makes a great student?

  Written By: Michael Lopuszynski
  Submitted on: 3/7/06

-Arrives early for the lesson.

-Asks questions.

-Listens well.

-Loves the game of golf and the challenge.

-Trusts and believes in the teacher.

-Sets realistic goals.

-Practices what was covered in the lesson and has a gameplan.

-Keeps a journal/ notes on what he is working on and precisely how it is going.

-Carries out the teachers instructions, regardless of immediate results.

-Undestands that there are plateaus in the path to greatness.

-Doesn't make public knowledge of what he is working on.

-Understands that the teacher can show the path, but it is the student who ultimately determines improvement.

-Understands that genius is perseverance in disguise.