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  How to Ruin a Junior Golfer

  Written By: Michael Lopuszynski
  Submitted on: 7/6/03

1) Teach them to stay still with their head and not move. This takes away athleticism. Like Harvey Penick once said: "show me a player who doesn't move his head and I'll show you someone who can't play".

2)Teach them to stay down. Every great player after impact allows their eyes and head to come up and follow the ball. Duval and Sorenstam look to the target before impact.

3)Teach them to swing to parallel or less on the backswing. Just look at the endless list of great players who have gone past parallel on their backswing.

4)Tell them that golf is a left-sided game and to eliminate the right side. Golf is a two-sided game. Not only that, but there have been several great tour players who used right side dominant thoughts.